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Incense Distributors - Wholesalers

Distributors - Wholesalers

IncenseAstological Incense Distributors & Qualified Wholesalers:

Inquire here for Distributors prices and a complete listing of all available fragrances. Distributor prices and quantities are available for all Incense Fragrances. Wholesalers may qualify depending on volume. We do not compete with our Distributors.

Experience the wonders and profits of a great Incense product that sells itself. Our high quality herbal incense is all natural and is guaranteed to delight customers and keep them coming back.

AyurvedaCenturies of experience have refined our product line. We offer only the most popular and highest quality fragrances, packaged for your most demanding customers. Our fragrances include Nag Champa, Lavender, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Frankincense, Rose, Saffron, Myrrh and many other aromatic clean burning incenses. Our incense is hand-rolled, made with premium quality natural oils!

Join our innumerable Satisfied Customers around the world.

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I am interested in the following lines:
Bodhi Sattva Herbal Incense
Kaviraja Ayurvedic Healing incense
Kamla ~ India's finest Incense
Sun Signs Astrological Incense of the Zodiac


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Distributor Inquiries may also be directed to:

Bodhi Sattva Wholesale Herbal Incense
Govindaji Gardens
P.O. Box 21, Gosai Ghat
Sri Rangapatnam (Mysore)
Karnataka, India 571438
Phone (India): (91) 98450-98105

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